It’s #WatchOutForTheRobots Wednesday!

“Watch out for the robots” is just a phrase we use whenever we see a crazy technology that clearly has the potential to be pretty darn scary if it ever were to go awry. No, no, this isn’t because we have a pessimistic view of the future (though phronesis in all technological developments / applications is important), we just love finding/sharing this stuff. 🙂

Anyone who’s followed robotics – even at a YouTube fanboy level – is familiar with Big Dog by Boston Dynamics.

It’s hard to ignore a big, lumbering horse-ox-robot behemoth, but it gets a lot harder to ignore when it can throw things. Even more-so when it can throw really heavy things. Check out how the robot turns it’s body to build momentum, then swings it’s neck and releases the block at just the right second to send it soaring.

I wonder how far it could throw a person…


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