Whether its on vacation, at work or just in our everyday lives, we’ve all taken “mental pictures.” But now, thanks to a new app called MindRDR, you can take a photo by just using your mental power. As profiled on TechCrunch, the app, which works in concert with Google Glass and the head-mounted Neurosky MindWave EEG Biosensor, allows a user’s brain waves to control the Google Glass camera.

Like any good DSLR camera, MindRDR requires focus. In this case, its mental focus, as the app takes Neurosky biosensor data and translates the user’s brainwaves into a meter reading that is displayed in the Google Glass camera view. The more the user focuses, the higher the meter reading goes and, when it hits a designated point, MindRDR tells Google Glass to take a photo. By concentrating even harder and pushing the meter still higher, the user can then post the photo to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

MindRDR was developed by a London interactive design studio called This Place. The company’s goal for MindRDR was change the future of usability for everyone by creating the user interface of the future.

Early in the development process, This Place designers quickly noted that the two most powerful metrics the Mindwave EEG device could measure were the user’s level of concentration and meditation. That led to the development of the MindRDR app to interface that brain wave data with the camera of Google Glass to allow a user to literally take photos by merely thinking.

To allow further growth, This Place has released all the MindRDR source code so other developers can apply their ideas to the interface and advance the future of brain-machine interface. And when you think about it, that potential is unlimited.

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Photo and video credit: This Place





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