Sixense Oculus rift

Sixense’s “controllers” work in the hands or even strapped to the head and feet.

Virtual reality is ambitious from the get go. In the 1990’s we had “first person” video games that took us about as close as we could get to another digital world. Some other early experiments in virtual reality seemed promising, but didn’t end up taking us much closer to the kind of “immersive”
experience that VR seemed to one day promise.

Today, Oculus Rift is in front of the pack when it comes to developing commercial VR technologies, and the next startup Sixense is aiming to join their ranks. Sixense – like Oculus before them – begins it’s journey with a crowd-funding campaign. Their ambition is to make virtual reality more like reality by adding realistic motion of the limbs, and the integration of this motion into an actual virtual experience.

Their recent feature in TechCrunch shows off some of their capabilities in real time – including virtual sword handling, ladder climbing, and more. When’s the VR immersion suit coming?




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