Research Services

For years we’ve interviewed the best and brightest AI researchers and executives from around the world – and our business clients benefit from out deep bench of AI experts and contact.

We work with strategic leaders in business and government who need critical information about artificial intelligence in order to make critical decisions. They come to us for our explicit, specific focus on AI technologies and trends.

We’ve worked with companies public and private – and our research has been commissioned by global NGOs (such as the World Bank), multinational companies, and government agencies.

We help clients grow revenue and drive innovation with AI.

Why Clients Come to Us

Organizations or governments who engage us for research services are typically grappling with significant strategic decisions, including:

  • Determining where to invest in AI innovation – based on application opportunities and competitive intelligence
  • Validating a specific technology initiative, gaining buy-in from leadership
  • Gauging one’s AI strategy in reference to the broader industry, and performance of competitors
  • (More)

Our Research Focus

Our is grounded in what we do best, our three main areas of critical focus at TechEmergence:

  1. AI Applications – “What are the possibilities of AI in this sector? What kinds of solutions can solve my problem?”
  2. AI Implications – “What trends matter most? What technologies are gaining traction? What is the market size? How fast will the market grow?”
  3. AI Strategy – “Given the trends, data and predictions in the industry, what should I do as a strategic leader? What decisions are most likely to help me achieve my near-term and long-term goals?”

Research Outcomes

We focus our client-focused research services on the following types of reports and research:

  • 5-year trend predictions and analysis
  • Market sizing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing research / pricing analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Co-branded research for awareness and visibility

Inquire About Research Services

Does your firm have an important AI-related initiative, or do you need to understand your AI strategy or competitive standing?

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