Anton Þórólfsson is working on letting you work from “home” … or from the Amazon jungle, or from the moon. Well … not the actual moon, or your real home, but a virtual one. His company, MURE VR (he sits today as co-founder and COO) is working on allowing indiviuals to interact with all of their computer programs in a totally virtual world, thanks to the help of the Oculus Rift.

This would allow a user to strap on a headset and headphones, and escape into whatever virtual environment he or she liked, accessing a potentially unlimited number of “screens,” or displays, and computer programs all at once. The task, as you might image, isn’t easy, and in this interview, Þórólfsson talks to us not only about how the entire idea of “work” might change in the coming decades, but about the technological hurdles that companies such as his will have to cross to get there.

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