Who We Are

TechEmergence is where business leaders turn to understand how AI is impacting their business and industry – and what to do about it.

We offer the only media and market research platform built exclusively for reaching business leaders and technology buyers. Our readers and users are the same kinds of business leaders you’d find at AI and IT conferences, only accessed at scale.

Partners and Advertisers

Organizations who aim to reach our audience of AI-focused business leaders include:

  • AI product or service providers looking to reach potential buyers / procurement personnel
  • Technology event companies eager for attendees with a keen interest in the ROI of artificial intelligence
  • PR firms seeking strong coverage for their clients (who are often AI vendor companies)
Emerj Rate Card and Paid Opportunities

The full menu of TechEmergence partnership, editorial, and advertising options is available upon request at: partnerships@techemergence.com

What We Offer

Our paid editorial and partnership options include:

  • Featured articles about important AI trends, applications, or innovations
  • Interviews with AI researchers and executives
  • Case studies of real results from AI applications in business
  • Event coverage
  • Customer market research and graphics

Our paid advertising exposure options include:

  • Homepage / category pages (i.e. Robotics, Marketing, Finance, etc)
  • Article pages
  • Podcast
  • Case studies
  • AI company profiles
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media promotion (Twitter, Facebook)

(All editorial material must pass our editorial standards, and must be approved by a content manager)

Audience at a Glance

  • Our readers are business leaders who are eager to determine the ROI, applications, and implications of AI in their industry or company
  • ~75% male, average age of ~35
  • Top 5 cities by readership: New York City, San Francisco, London, Boston, Los Angeles
  • Common job roles of our readers: Business managers, IT procurement specialists, management consultants, department leaders
  • Most work at a company of over 500 employees

(More info available upon request in our full partnership menu)


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