Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

    • Turbine.AI
    • https://www.turbine.ai/
    • 11-50 Employees


Turbine models how cancer works on the molecular level and tests millions of potential drugs by modeling biological systems with artificial intelligence.

Turbine’s in silico experiments can test interventions on a Simulated Cell that reflects the molecular diversity of cancer cells accurately. Turbine takes laboratory trial and error out of drug discovery and tackles it with scalable power on our servers. The result is a more focused, more rational, and shorter process. Simulated experiments help understand a treatment’s exact mechanism of action, while uncovering their optimal combinations and biomarkers for selecting patients to maximize clinical benefit.


Turbine claims to help pharmaceutical researchers with:

  • Discover novel biomarkers
  • Design effective combination therapies
  • Extend and repurpose drug lines
  • Understand the biology of cancer

Headquartered: Hungary
Date Founded: 2015

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Interviewee Name: Dr. Kristóf Zsolt Szalay

Company Role: Founder and CTO

Interview Summary: This episode explores the ways in which artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the field of medicine. This week’s guest, Turbine.ai’s Dr. Kristóf Zsolt Szalay speaks to this topic, discussing research that hopes to create automated learning networks and algorithms designed to predict the development of human cells in response to drugs. This technological innovation would make it possible for near-instantaneous simulations to be run, allowing optimal combinations and optimal doses of drugs to be pinpointed and distributed to patients.

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