Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

  • SparkCognition
  • 51-200 Employees

Based in Austin, TX, SparkCognition is the world’s first Cognitive Security Analytics company. The company is successfully building and deploying a Cognitive, data-driven Analytics platform for Clouds, Devices and the Internet of Things industrial and security markets by applying proprietary algorithms that deliver out of-band, symptom-sensitive analytics, insights, and security.

SparkCognition’s technology is capable of harnessing real time infrastructure data and learning from it continuously, allowing for more accurate risk mitigation and prevention policies to intervene and avert disasters. The company’s cybersecurity centered solution analyzes structured and unstructured data and natural language sources to identify potential attacks in the IoT environment. The uniqueness of the cognitive platform is resonated by the fact that it can continuously learn from data and derive automated insights to thwart any emerging issue.
SparkCognition was named the 2015 Hottest Start Up in Austin by SXSW and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, was the only US-based company to win Nokia’s 2015 Global Open Innovation Challenge, was a 2015 Gartner Cool Vendor, and is a 2016 Edison Award Winner.

SparkSecure: SparkSecure® adds a cognitive layer to traditional security solutions, increasing the operational efficiency and knowledge retention of your incident response and security analyst teams. Essentially, SparkSecure® does much of what a human security analyst can do, but at machine speed and Big Data scale.With over 45,000 zero-day attacks occurring every day, solutions that rely solely on signature matching are behind the times. A threat that is brand new has no known signature, so it can’t be caught by systems that simply look for signatures. SparkSecure® does more.

SIEM systems – even those with rudimentary machine learning capabilities – still require the security analyst to do a lot of work in formulating the right queries, on the right data. But human security analysts simply can’t research all threats, determine their validity and priority, and plot remediation steps. The number of false positives and SIEM tickets associated with these alerts can be overwhelming. With its sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and automated research capabilities, SparkSecure® can help.

SparkPredict: SparkPredict® enables truly predictive capabilities that can deliver billions of dollars in cost savings and operational efficiency improvements to machine operators. SparkPredict® learns from sensor data, identifies impending failures long before they occur and alerts operators to sub-optimal operation before it can cause any harm.

Existing machine condition monitoring systems are good at looking at individual variables and monitoring when each variable breaches its assigned thresholds. Some rely on legacy approaches such as mean time between failures (MTBF) to schedule interventions such as service and replacements. These methods simply aren’t very good at predicting what will happen next in a manner that’s timely enough to make a real difference. SparkPredict® is!

DeepArmor: DeepArmor, the world’s first fully cognitive anti-malware system is now available to beta.DeepArmor Beta Program is live! If you didn’t make it into the first round, you can still sign up for rolling admission into our ongoing DeepArmor Beta.DeepArmor, leverages machine learning, natural language processing and AI algorithms to analyze files and provide signature-free security.

Headquartered: Austin, TX
Date Founded: 2013

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