Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

  • Nauto
  • 11-50 Employees

Palo Alto-based NAUTO, founded in 2015, is an autonomous vehicle technology system with an artificial intelligence-powered connected camera network and continuous learning cloud designed to make driving safer, easier and more efficient.

Nauto for Professional Drivers and Fleets: Whether you manage a passenger, service, or specialty fleet, Nauto increases safety and optimizes performance for each and every one of your vehicles. The easy-to-install dual facing camera includes an array of smart sensors that analyze driver behavior, monitor vehicular activity and track environmental conditions in real time. Combined with a perpetually learning AI, Nauto packs a powerful suite of tools into an aftermarket, cost-effective device that can reduce your fleets overall liability by as much as 25%.
Nauto for insurance: Nauto provides insurers with the data necessary to package a wide range of enhanced mobility products and services to their customers. With Nauto’s data and analytics in mind, insurance companies can target new markets with insights tailored specifically for each customer segment from specialized fleets to teen drivers. The economical choice for any fleet, Nauto’s smarts can help reduce fraud and loss adjustment expenses by as much as 25%.

Nauto for cities: As a hub for automotive, insurance and fleet industries, Nauto provides public sector partners with a wealth of knowledge applicable to a variety of municipal challenges. In deploying Nauto’s AI data platform, cities can apply the collective learning of thousands of cars on the road to urban planning, law enforcement and emergency preparedness. Nauto can make postal delivery, sanitation, emergency response and law enforcement vehicles, smart vehicles, bringing 21st century smarts to aging vehicle inventories.

Nauto for Automotive: Nauto collects data across a diverse network of vehicles from around the world. The AI powered dual camera analyzes collisions, detects risky driving and monitors a variety of events occurring inside and outside a vehicle. In partnering with automotive manufactures and technology companies, Nauto can share this data with those looking to better understand driver behavior, complex traffic situations and automotive patterns amongst urban, suburban and rural streets. Essentially, Nauto helps automotive manufactures and technology companies gain a leading edge on the smart car revolution.

Headquartered: Palo Alto, CA
Date Founded: 2015

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