Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

    • DigitalGenius
    • 11-50 Employees

DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence into customer service operations of leading companies.

Its Human+AI Customer Service Platform combines the best of human and machine intelligence enabling companies to deliver on increasing customer expectations. At its core are deep-learning algorithms, which are trained on historical customer service transcripts and integrated directly into the contact center’s existing software.

Once enabled, the platform automates and increases the quality and efficiency of customer service & support conversations across text-based communication channels like email, chat, social media and mobile messaging.

Headquartered: Canada Square London, UK
Date Founded: 2013

Case Studies (1)

Title: Online Education Company Improves Customer Support with Autosuggestion of Macros Client Company: DigitalGenius Executive Summary:

The DigitalGenius AI Platform was integrated with Magoosh’s Zendesk console. DigitalGenius trained a deep neural network to analyze incoming customer inquiries based on historical customer logs – learning how Magoosh’s support staff replied to various incoming inquiries.

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Executive Interviews (1)

Interviewee Name: Yoram Bachrach, PhD

Company Role: Head of Research

Interview Summary: There’s a lot of hype out there about conversational AI. Although according to our guest, we’re nowhere near the day when AI can generate accurate conversations for the average business to integrate into their customer service, chatbots still have practical applications. In this episode, we interview the head of research at Digital Genius, Yoram Bachrach. Yoram succinctly outlines the current applications of chatbots—what they can and can’t do—and details how business can best prepare to automate their customer service.

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Mentions on TechEmergence(2)

Use Cases of AI for Customer Service - What's Working Now

Artificial Intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to both augment and replace human agents - with the primary goals of improving the customer experience and reducing human customer service costs. While the technology is not yet able to perform all the tasks a human customer service representative could, many consumer requests ...

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Deep Learning More Accessible and Making Waves in Video Design, Cancer Identification, and More - This Week in Artificial Intelligence 04-16-16

1 - Bots May be Cool, but DigitalGenius Thinks it Found a Better Way London- and New York-based DigitalGenuis released a new product this week, Human+AI Customer Service Platform, that links to customer service platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce and supplements the chatbot experience. The service analyzes customer service logs from emails, c...

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