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Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

Confused about which technology vendor to use for your business problem? Ask for help

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Automated Insights is the creator of Wordsmith, the world’s first public natural language generation platform. Wordsmith allows users to generate human-sounding narratives from data, making it easy to produce millions of personalized reports, articles and narratives in the time it takes to write just one.

The Wordsmith platform helps companies in data-driven industries, including financial services, e-commerce, real estate, business intelligence, media and many others, achieve content scale, efficiency and personalization.

More than 200 customers, including Allstate, Associated Press,, the Orlando Magic and Yahoo! use Wordsmith to generate more than 1.5 billion pieces of content per year.


Automated Insights offers Wordsmith, a natural language generation platform, in two formats:

  • A self-service online platform
  • Managed services and hands-on

Headquartered: Durham, NC
Date Founded: 2007

Case Studies (2)

Title: Yahoo! Uses NLP to Deliver Personal Fantasy Sports Recaps and Updates Client Company: Automated Insights Executive Summary:

Technology Provider: Automated Insights is a provider of natural language generation platform, Wordsmith, that converts big data into narratives orRead More…

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Title: News Organization Leverages AI to Generate Automated Narratives from Big Data Client Company: Automated Insights Executive Summary:

Associated Press (AP) reporters spent a significant amount of time and effort to manually glean insights from quarterly financial reports released by public companies in the US. This involved extracting and analyzing relevant financial data, such as profit, revenue growth, tax expenses, etc., and converting them to financial recaps (news narrative or prose summary).

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