At TechEmergence, we believe that artificial will drastically alter every industry in the next ten to fifteen years. We serve executives and leaders as a portal of insight into the applications and implications of AI.

We’re here to become the global portal for business and government leaders whose livelihood depends on staying ahead of trends, and applying or managing the right technologies.

By connecting buyers (companies) and sellers (AI vendors and service providers), we’re creating an unequalled network of expertise and insight, and a flow of data, research, case studies, and articles that will support the adoption and understanding of AI’s uses for organizations around the world.

We’re building a team of innovative go-getters who want to move fast and build something massive and meaningful.

See our currently available positions below:

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Managing Editor

  • Location: (Remote)
  • Description in Brief: Think “Editor in Chief,” but also think “hungry-as-hell startup” and you’ll get a feel for what this job will be like. We’re aiming to upset the market research and IT procurement industries in a major way from the ground-up, a task that will require ambition and willingness to learn and move fast from all of our team members (editorial or otherwise). Editing / writing for TechEmergence means: (1) Accessing top researchers and C-level execs in the artificial intelligence field, (2) covering AI events all over the bay area and possibly beyond (3) the ability to genuinely contribute to growth and creative process of the publication (IE: rather than being a small cog in an already dug-out corporate role).
  • Responsibilities:
    • Collaborating with TechEmergence writers and editors to plan out content production and promotion
    • Editing contributed content from outside contributors, including VCs, AI researchers, and AI execs
    • Writing and editing TechEmergence content, including articles, case studies, infographics, research, and more
    • Determining and mapping out our editorial calendar
    • Refining and updating our “content template” and “editorial guideline” standards – ensuring that all new writers repeatable create excellent content that serves our users
    • Occasionally working with product and development team members around features and format changes that would better serve our users
    • Orchestrating media outreach to ensure coverage of our market research and in-depth industry coverage
  • Apply by emailing info [at], subject line: “Managing Editor”

Marketing and Content Manager

  • Location: (Remote)
  • Description in Brief: We’re looking for a team member to focus on marketing our materials (across email, and social media), contacting new interviewees and media partners, and supporting the creation and promotion of our content at scale. You’ll be working closely with our writers and growth team to help streamline, plan, and gain visibility for our content. This involves scheduling social media content, measuring new content initiatives, and developing outbound campaign to gain visibility on our work. A growth and content manager should feel comfortable in executing marketing initiatives, and in contributing strategic input to improving our content and marketing processes – someone eager to “get things done” who also has a passion to “improve how things get done.”
  • Responsibilities:
    • Collaborating with TechEmergence writers to plan out content production and promotion
    • Managing and updating our growth and metrics dashboards, and suggesting actions we might take to reach out goals for online traffic and user growth
    • Media outreach to ensure coverage of our market research and in-depth industry coverage
    • Growth-oriented social media management – not just posting, but generating leads and driving organic social media growth
    • Outreach for interviews and consensus research, ensuring that our content is based on insight from top industry talent
    • Some simple graphic creation for blog content and infographics
  • Apply by emailing info [at], subject line: “Content and Marketing Manager”