“That’s a pretty cool iPhone case, can you fax one of those to me when you get to the office?”

That kind of conversation may not be all that far out. With a great number of companies in the 3-D printing space, it seemed relatively inevitable that the “3-D fax” would come along. AIO Robotics states that it will be releasing it’s all in one 3-D printer / scanner that will be able to work wirelessly, with no connection directly to a computer. Their official Kickstarter campaign is set to jump off on September 4th.

In our interview with Fabrice Grinda, he predicted that over half the homes in the USA would have one of these devices by 2023. Might this be a big first step? AIO’s response from Kickstarter might be a good indication.

(Read more at the Mashable “3-D Fax” article here)


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